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FIFA 23 Review – Form Is Temporary

Reviewed on: Xbox Series X/S Platform: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC Publisher: Electronic Arts Developer: EA Canada Release: September 30, 2022 Rating: Everyone Much like my Liverpool fandom over the past 20 years, I vacillate between happily obsessive and begrudgingly bewildered with FIFA. Like Liverpool, when FIFA works like a […]

Games Playstation XBOX

Dorfromantik Review – Falling Into Place

Reviewed on: Switch Platform: Switch, PC Publisher: Toukana Interactive Developer: Toukana Interactive Release: April 28, 2022 (PC), September 29, 2022 (Switch) Once you get past its bizarre name, Dorfromantik offers simple, relaxing sessions of tile-matching puzzle goodness. Connecting hexagons to build pretty landscapes offers the thoughtful strategy of a city-builder to provide a stimulating yet […]


Guide: Best Paper Mario-Likes On Switch – Games To Play If You’re Pining For Old-School Paper Mario

Cutting edge. If you’re a Paper Mario fan, then there’s one key thing that you probably share with all other Paper Mario fans: Disappointment. Unfortunately for all of us who love the antics of Intelligent Systems’ two-dimensional plumber, the Paper Mario series has been slowly declining in quality, taking the things we loved about the […]